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Name Website Province Location
Woodland Cree First Nation Alberta Cadotte Lake
Swan River First Nation Alberta Kinuso
Siksika Nation Alberta Siksika
Piikani Nation http://www.treaty7.org/Article.asp?ArticleID=34 Alberta Brocket
Louis Bull First Nation http://www.aboriginalcanada.gc.ca/acp/community/site.nsf/ Alberta Hobbema
Horse Lake First Nation http://www.horselakefirstnation.com Alberta Hythe
Fort McKay First Nation http://www.fortmckay.com/Front-Page.html Alberta Fort McMurray
Driftpile First Nation http://www.driftpilecreenation.com Alberta Driftpile
Chiniki First Nation http://www.stoneynation.com/ Alberta Morley
Beaver First Nation http://sdiprod2.inac.gc.ca/FNProfiles/FNProfiles_D Alberta High Level
Tallcree First Nation Alberta Fort Vermilion
Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation Alberta Valleyview
Saddle Lake First Nation http://www.saddlelake.ca Alberta Saddle Lake
Montana First Nation http://www.aboriginalcanada.gc.ca/acp/community/site.nsf/ Alberta Hobbema
Kapawe'no First Nation http://www.aboriginalcanada.gc.ca/acp/community/site.nsf/ Alberta Grouard
Fort McMurray #468 First Nation http://www.atc97.org/ftmcmurrayfn.html Alberta Fort McMurray
Duncan's First Nation http://www.aboriginalcanada.gc.ca/acp/community/site.nsf/ Alberta Brownvale
Chipewyan Prairie First Nation http://www.chipewyan.com/ Alberta Chard
Beaver Lake Cree Nation http://beaverlakecreenation.ca Alberta Lac la Biche
Alexander First Nation http://www.alexanderfn.com Alberta Morinville
Tsuu T'Ina Nation http://www.tsuutina.ca Alberta Tsuu T'Ina
Sucker Creek First Nation Alberta Enilda
Samson First Nation http://www.samsoncreenation.com Alberta Hobbema
O'Chiese http://www.ochiese.ca Alberta Rocky Mountain House
Little Red River Cree Nation http://lrrcn.ab.ca Alberta John d'Or Prairie
Frog Lake http://www.aboriginalcanada.gc.ca/acp/community/site.nsf/ Alberta Frog Lake
Enoch Cree Nation #440 http://www.aboriginalcanada.gc.ca/acp/community/site.nsf/ Alberta Enouch
Cold Lake First Nations http://clfns.com Alberta Cold Lake
Bigstone Cree Nation http://sdiprod2.inac.gc.ca/FNProfiles/FNProfiles_D Alberta Desmarais
Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation http://www.alexisnakotasioux.com Alberta Glenevis